Friday, March 28, 2008

John Jansen looks at the TSLF and finds some evidence that the pressure may not be as great as feared.
Another cause of concern was the result of the first TSLF operation conducted by the Federal Reserve to sop up unloved and difficult to finance collateral. The Fed offered the street $75 billion of Treasury collateral and took a similar amount of toxic paper from the street in return. The so called stop out rate was 0.33 .Here is what I think that means:According to the footnote on the Fed website the stop out rate is approximately equivalent to the spread between the Treasury general collateral rate and the general collateral rate for the pledged security over the life of the loan. That means that the person who got financed at 33 basis points received finacing for this unloved stuff at only 33 basis points over Tresury collateral. That seems to indicate a lower level of stress in the system than some had expected. Additionaly the level of interest in the new facility os light as only $86 billion of bids were received for $75 billion of Treasury collateral.

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