Sunday, January 13, 2013

Compartments and belief

The Mind’s Compartments Create Conflicting Beliefs: Scientific American: An overview of the idea that the mind contains compartments that may contain conflicting ideas.  The key thought that when there is conflict, there is more agitation and people are more likely to shout or try to assert their belief.

"Cognitive dissonance may also be at work in the compartmentalization of beliefs. In the 2010 article “When in Doubt, Shout!” in Psychological Science, Northwestern University researchers David Gal and Derek Rucker found that when subjects' closely held beliefs were shaken, they “engaged in more advocacy of their beliefs ... than did people whose confidence was not undermined.” Further, they concluded that enthusiastic evangelists of a belief may in fact be “boiling over with doubt,” and thus their persistent proselytizing may be a signal that the belief warrants skepticism."

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