Sunday, November 16, 2014

Self-opinion and forecasting

Why we are unaware that we lack the skill to tell how unskilled and unaware we are:

"Dunning and Ehrlinger knew that most college students tend to hold very high opinions of themselves when it comes to abstract reasoning. It’s part of what they call a “chronic self view.” You have an idea of who you are in your mind, and it is kind of like a character in a story, the protagonist in the tale of your life. Some aspects of that character are chronic, traits that are always there that you feel are essential and evident, beliefs about your level of skill that are consistent across all situations. For most college students, being great at abstract reasoning is one of those traits, but being great at computer programming is not."

There is an experiment here that can be conducted with economic or financial forecasting.  How well do people forecast and how accurate do they think that they will be?

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