Saturday, January 17, 2015

Background on technical analysis and technical trading

Scan for chart patterns software - Quantitative Finance Stack Exchange:

"Is there any software out there that currently would allow you to scan historical charts and look for a specific pattern and then show you that pattern for a list of stocks. Google finance and yahoo finance have all the charting data needed to visually detect certain patterns, but I was wondering if there was software out that I could define a particular pattern and then it would show me a bunch of real world examples of that pattern by scanning a dump of symbols. Does any such software exist or something to do something similar to this? I actually have a custom pattern I want to scan (that or I do not yet know the name of it) Not really sure how to word this but I am thinking of having it scan the recent behavior of a stock and then to scan a list of symbols for that pattern but historically back in time, not the present."

There are a lot of links to web sites, blogs and papers that will seek to find some quantitative trading techniques.

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