Friday, February 27, 2015

Asset Pricing [9a : Regime Switching] | Alpha Hive ::

Asset Pricing [9a : Regime Switching] | Alpha Hive provides an overview of the HMM.  There are reproductions of a paper by Kirtzman et al in the Financial Analysts journal.  That is gated.

"One point of departure between my and QP’s post relates to the library/package used to estimate the hidden markov model. While QP used the RHmm package, I can only use the depmixS4 package (RHmm seems to be incompatible with newer versions of R…at least for me). As far as I can tell,the depmixS4 package does not support forecasting which means that I will probably not be able to take a gander at the out-of-sample issues alluded to above"

The starting point for this is the discussion on stack exchange.

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